New Series of Monotypes : Girl with Dragonflies
April 28, 2017
Migrating Siberian Cranes
May 26, 2017
Guitar,fiddle & bass

This is the second oil painting in a series of paintings of musical instruments in which I am trying to capture -through the patterns the feeling of the music . In place of the people playing there are rhythmic motifs such as weaving and braiding to mimic the interwoven quality of people playing music together.

There is a bird in almost everything I do -so for this since the painting revolves around the unusual red and black guitar – I added a scarlet tanager. and roman numerals referencing the song structure. and I just visually love roman numerals -or any symbology.

For this I also nailed the canvas onto an antique wood window frame -I like this element because to me it adds a sort of “rustic” element -referencing history and I like that the nails (copper tacks ) become part of the work.   









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