Shadow/Light: Tribute paintings:David Chase

Transformation :January 2014
January 8, 2014
Shadow/Light: For Terrence Winter
January 10, 2014

Chandelier I (2)I can’t read. Not very well…Dyslexic…and I admire writers probably more than any other artists. So I watch movies ..TV .or should I say listen -because I am often painting -so I am listening to the dialogue of the story.

I am working on a series of paintings with a light/dark—positive /negative..

yin/yang.. theme life. I dedicate each painting to a writer I admire -and will be posting a different one for the next few days. This one is for David Chase -the great creator of the influential TV series The Sopranos. He changed TV forever.

Tomorrow I will talk about the yin/yang of a chandelier.

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